“I'm grateful for the experience”

George Kolev

Praktik: 2020
Idag: Frontend developer – Synchronized studio

The best in town

When I studied New Media and Design at Jönköping School of Engineering, my course manager used to promote Ny Studio as the best agency in town. Naturally, I wanted to spend my nine-week internship there – and so did all my classmates.

I didn’t even speak Swedish. But as it turned out, Ny wanted to see my portfolio. Then I got invited to an interview and I guess it all went well from there.

They believed in me

One of the cool things at Ny was that all professions were at the same place, from art directors to project managers. Another thing I really appreciated was having a mentor, I learned a lot that way.

I remember I was given a client project to handle on my own. It seemed like they were taking a big risk, especially since I didn’t speak Swedish, but they believed in me. Today I’m very grateful for that experience and for everything else they taught me.

Next month I will relocate to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. I’m about to work in a full-service agency, quite like Ny, as a Junior Creative Developer alongside my studies. I always try to do things that makes me happy – and I do them one hundred percent.

Vi på Ny Studio har två syskon som heter Grace och Saga. Som traditionell designbyrå är det fantastiskt att ha dem vid vår sida, inte bara för deras erfarenhet av digitala lösningar & foto, 3D och film – vi delar samma starka, proaktiva anda och en gemensam, kreativ kultur.