Wismotion – We follow your order in real-time!

Branding Website Identity 3D

    Most of us online shoppers take it for granted that we can always find out exactly where our packages are. In many cases, we actually know more than the original sender. Now Wismotion wants to give e-tailers better opportunities to follow their shipped orders themselves and strengthen their customer support.

    Wismotion’s platform takes advantage of the open APIs of logistics companies, retrieving shipment updates in real time. This way, e-tailers can finally get ahead and be the first to notify their customers of any delays – and that’s a gesture many appreciate. Everything is managed via a user-friendly and customizable dashboard.

    The tracking history of Ny Studio and Wismotion can be summarized like this: The starting point was to help create the brand and the identity. A little further down the road, we created a communication concept, a website and 3D visualizations.


    We at Ny Studio have two siblings named Grace and Saga. As a traditional communication agency, it’s great to have them by our side. Not just for their experience in digital solutions and photo, 3D and film – but also because we share the same strong, proactive spirit and a common, creative culture.