Södra – Liquid Forest

Communication Film & photo

Our mission was to create a communication platform for Södra’s biomethanol, turpentine and tall oil. The object was –and is –to increase the awareness of these products as well as the demand for them. The liquid bio-products have lived a somewhat secluded life at Södra, but just like the forest company’s more widely-known products, they all come from sustainable Swedish forestry.

We created a concept that would work on all of Södra’s markets, and gave the products the collective name Liquid Forest. Together with a unique visual language, highlighting the forest origin and attracting the eye, it became a completely new way of marketing this type of product. The Liquid Forest concept was so well received that it shortly became its own brand within Södra.

We at Ny Studio have two siblings named Grace and Saga. As a traditional communication agency, it’s great to have them by our side. Not just for their experience in digital solutions and photo, 3D and film – but also because we share the same strong, proactive spirit and a common, creative culture.