Skandiform – Making sense, attracting senses

Film & photo Branding Identity

    Ny Studio has revitalized Skandiform’s brand, profile, and identity. We’ve honoured one of Scandinavia’s most renowned brands in office and public space furnishing, but also pushed Skandiform in a bolder and slightly more rebellious direction. The result is a clean and calming identity that’s strongly connected to Skandiform’s heritage, core values, and design philosophy. It’s also in tune with the basic principles of contemporary Scandinavian design. Most importantly, it combines intrinsic design values like functionality and aesthetics with Skandiform’s brand promise – Scandinavian Sense.


    In addition, we’ve also created a communication concept, a brand film, and content for Skandiform’s different collections. The concept, “Making sense, attracting senses”, is an interpretation of Skandiform’s beautifully crafted furniture through the lens of common sense and human senses. It’s a bold experiment with shadows, lighting, sounds, and organic materials that captures the essence of the brand and spans the emotional spectrum.

    We at Ny Studio have two siblings named Grace and Saga. As a traditional communication agency, it’s great to have them by our side. Not just for their experience in digital solutions and photo, 3D and film – but also because we share the same strong, proactive spirit and a common, creative culture.