Rocky Mountain Featherbed

Film & photo Branding Identity

    Founded in Wyoming in the late 1960s, Rocky Mountain Featherbed became famous for its iconic down vests. In recent times, however, the brand has fallen into oblivion. We were given the mission to bring it back.

    The brief had a double-sided object: Make Rocky Mountain relevant to a new audience while at the same time tapping into the brand’s classic values. New and old target groups needed to be assured of the genuine quality, and feel the sense of freedom – extending from the threads of the clothes into the wilderness.

    Rocky Mountain was relaunched on a broad front, using short brand films as the main carrier. The storyline was simple; nostalgic as well as new adventurers were shown how the brand opens up for new outdoors experiences at any time.

    This was also expressed in the new tagline, “For those who know.” Everyone who shares the spirit of Rocky Mountain knows what to wear and how to give vent to their inherent desire for adventure.

    We at Ny Studio have two siblings named Grace and Saga. As a traditional communication agency, it’s great to have them by our side. Not just for their experience in digital solutions and photo, 3D and film – but also because we share the same strong, proactive spirit and a common, creative culture.