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    We have collaborated closely with RH for several years, creating successful product launches and brand-building communication we are quite proud of ourselves. Our latest joint project concerned the company’s sustainability philosophy and how this can be traced through the entire manufacturing process. RH uses a large amount of recycled materials when producing their office chairs –and in addition, they also make them easy to renovate in order to prolong their life. Each new chair can also be disassembled and sorted for recycling, down to the smallest components.

    Gold in the Swedish Design Awards 2020
    Category: Digital Identity

    → flokk.com/rh-sustainability

    The chair factory

    In their office chair New Logic, RH are using more sustainable and durable materials than ever. To make this easier to follow and comprehend, we used 3D to create an animated chair factory.

    The Chair Factory was mainly created for social media, helping to generate visits to RH New Logic’s own landing page. But the film also proved successful in providing a general insight into RH’s manufacturing philosophy and presenting facts about plastics, aluminum and steel in a simple and playful way.


    identitet hållberhet RH Logic
    Kampanjsida hållbarhet för RH logic
    Kampanjsida hållbarhet för RH logic
    Kampanjsida hållbarhet för RH logic
    Kampanjsida hållbarhet för RH logic
    RH stolar

    We at Ny Studio have two siblings named Grace and Saga. As a traditional communication agency, it’s great to have them by our side. Not just for their experience in digital solutions and photo, 3D and film – but also because we share the same strong, proactive spirit and a common, creative culture.