PMU – Second hand, reinterpreted

Film & photo

    What and where you shop can make a big difference. The Pentecostal Mission of Sweden runs a chain of more than fifty second-hand stores, where all work is done on a non-profit basis and the surplus goes to worldwide actions against poverty. For customers, the goods themselves are an important action: second-hand is hard to beat when it comes to sustainable shopping.

    We were commissioned by the flagship store, PMU Jönköping City, to develop a visual concept highlighting their large and wide offer. This resulted in 25 unexpected and playful studio images, intended for use in their social channels.

    Shades of green create a common thread throughout the concept. Together with the complementary colour purple, playful combinations are formed.

    The yellow colour communicates energy and optimism; two indispensable factors in PMU’s non-profit activities.

    Earthy base with red accents and terracotta. The inspiration comes from the countries where PMU fights poverty.