We are
NY Collective

We do branding, storytelling and create online activity. Getting into peoples heads and staying there. Giving the viewer a story that's good enough to retell. Transforming a strategy and a story into engagement. We develop brands, create campaigns and communications in an open environment where people too can develop. NY Collective is a completely climate compensated workplace and we committed to many different projects within culture, sports and equality. But regardless of what we're doing, we're doing it together. Because it's always so much more fun – and better, it seems.


We produce photography and film for our clients, both using our own studio and in other locations. We love working with the big picture, from idea and casting, to editing and presentation.


  • Founded: 1989
  • Employees: 42
  • Revenue: 45 million SEK
  • Partners: 5
  • AAA (number of years): 12
  • ARU-educated staff: 3
  • Environmentally Certified

We are
NY Collective

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